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Ns kortingskaart e ticket

ns kortingskaart e ticket

te bewerken of aan te passen, maar dit valt natuurlijk onder fraude. Check tijdens de daluren in en aan het einde van de reis uit. Voor Samenreiskorting is minimaal 10 nodig. Eerst zullen de meeste treinreizigers moeten wennen aan het nieuwe idee om de treinkaartjes digitaal te verkrijgen. De reiziger met het NS-abonnement of Studentenreisproduct hoeft hiervoor niets te doen. NS E-tickets flexibeler zijn dan de regulieren treinkaartjes, omdat er eenvoudiger korting kan worden verrekend. Controleren of er nog Samenreiskorting op uw OV-chipkaart staat? Belangrijk, een e-ticket van NS is persoonsgebonden. Ik kan bij eticket alleen voktarief tickets in mijn winkelwagen toevoegen.zie geen optie voor 40 ticket toe te voegen? Poortjes met een barcodelezer kunnen worden geopend met de barcode op uw e-ticket.

Check out our Amsterdam Rail Network map NS Station Gate Barriers OV-Chip Card Readers Train Fares in the Netherlands Domestic rail fares in the Netherlands are fixed and depend on distance travelled. Railrunner tickets can also be bought as an e-ticket or added as a product onto an anonymous or personal OV-chip card. (Last update: 2017-05-.24) - Other routes than mentioned below: m/groups/ Groningen/Leeuwarden -Maastricht/Heerlen (To/from De Westereen -Groningen/Leeuwarden-Zwolle OR via -Amersfoort -Utrecht OR via Deventer Arnhem Nijmegen OR via s-Hertogenbosch -Eindhoven OR via Venlo -Roermond -Sittard OR via Maastricht OR via Heerlen to/from Valkenburg see : m/groups. You can cancel the supplement (if you decide not to take the Intercity Direct train) by scanning the card again within 30 minutes at the same station. Not sure which station in Amsterdam? It is not valid on trains run by other companies. Nederland beschikt al over de treinkaartjes sinds er treinen zijn in Nederland. Note, children with Railrunner tickets do not need to pay any supplements for these trains. (2) The Intercity Direct train runs Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport-Rotterdam-Breda and requires a supplement only for the Schiphol Airport-Rotterdam sector. Make an estimation of the credit you will use and load this onto the card when you purchase. NS Group Ticket ( Groepsticket ) - This is an e-ticket only deal which allows 4-7 people to make a single journey between any 2 stations on the Dutch rail network. They are made from card, are printed with the date/route and can be purchased on-the-day or up to a week ahead of travel.

Fares and timetables can be found at Holland Travel Ticket This product makes it easier for visitors to navigate the Netherlands on one single ticket. If you live in Netherlands (or have a Dutch address) NS has a number of discount card options which can be bought on a subscription basis. There are no seating reservations required on standard trains. The machine covers all domestic routes - you just need to choose your destination from an alphabetical list. This can be done at either (1) the Tickets Service counters or using (2) the NS train ticket machines. Rail Ticket Formats in the Netherlands. You cannot travel with a bike during weekday rush hours, although this is allowed on a public holiday and during July/August.