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Kortingsbon test your intolerance test

kortingsbon test your intolerance test

on the results wrong! I didn't change my diet within that time frame either, which tells me that these test results are extremely unscientific and random. I am now going to attempt to get my 46 back but not holding out much hope. One of the easiest things i have done in regards to my health. I sent an email on receipt of the results over a week ago asking for further clarification with no reply. Identical blood and hair samples sent under different names to the same company produced different test results. Then weeks before you get the results. As soon as your sample arrives you will be notified via email.

kortingsbon test your intolerance test

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But of course, I no longer eat them so they wouldn't have shown. Yes I received the test but it was so generic it was near impossible to use. Requested a refund for over TWO months! Please note samples can take up to 7 working days to arrive, as they go to a PO BOX before they come to the Testing facility. Do not trust them! There are still plenty of additional substances that I react extremely to! But I know for definite that I still have an issue with wheat, yeast and cow's milk which did not show up on the report at all.